Cutting-Edge Technology

SISTech is at the forefront of engineering technology and artificial intelligence. Clients benefit from access to the latest advancements in A.I., image recognition, and related fields.

Enhanced Efficiency

SISTech's solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency. Whether it's automating processes or optimizing workflows, clients can expect streamlined operations and cost savings.

Innovation Partnership

Clients working with SISTech are not just customers; they are partners in innovation. SISTech collaborates closely with clients to co-create solutions that address evolving needs.

Our Solutions

SISTech - Pavement Condition Assessment Solution

Transform road maintenance with our advanced AI-powered pavement condition assessment solution. Say goodbye to labor-intensive inspections and hello to automated accuracy.

SISTech - Underground Cavity Detection

Underground Cavity Detection Software are intended to detect underground cavities by analyzing 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Data.

SISTech - Slope maintenance system - CSMS4

CSMS4 (Cut-Slope Maintenance System 4) is an advanced maintenance solution that integrates Photogrammetry, Large Point Cloud Models, and AI applications to automate monitoring, predict maintenance needs, control vegetation, enhance safety, reduce costs, and promote eco-friendly practices in cut-slope management.

SISTech - Bridge Health Monitoring System

AutoSHM - Bridge Health Monitoring System is a real-time health monitoring and data analysis platform for bridges. The platform provides a powerful bridge health monitoring model based on automated or manually designed machine learning models trained with the bridge's historical data.


Our Services

Engaging SISTech's services can provide clients with a significant competitive advantage in their respective industries, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

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